HoneyComb™ Lights

HoneyComb™ Lights

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The HoneyComb™ Light

Create a unique, elegant and modular centerpiece with HoneyComb™ Lights. With an easy snap-on mounting system with included double-sided tape, turn any wall into a unique canvas for illumination using a touch modular lightning system that lights up with a swipe of the hand. Because HoneyComb™ Lights are touch activated there is no need for a light switch. Up to 24 tiles can be connected to one power supply, giving you the freedom to create a truly dynamic lightning solution that is specific to each and every environment. HoneyComb™ Lights offers a minimalist approach to lightning. Take back your night stand and coffee table space giving your room a more updated look.  HoneyComb™is hexagonal in  shape giving you access to create your very own masterpiece. With our all new, cutting edge HoneyComb Lights, you can create a whole new way to light things up, just by swiping over the lights, you can add even more personalization to your wall.   


  • Touch To Activate 
  • Full Customization 
  • Ability to connect up to 24 tiles to one adapter 
  • Double sided tape for easy setup
  • Two year warranty